Sweet Talk

What are people saying about Kathy’s Bakery?

I always order angel bites in bulk to take to my clients but they don’t always end up there. They are amazing!

Kelly Nottingham-Smith

Kathy’s Bakery is wonderful!! It’s all a kid would ever want!! There are sweets of all sorts!! And the ladies who make the tasty treats are the sweetest ladies I’ve known! Thank you for having a very good business!!

Lauren Hambright

Kathy’s Bakery has some of the best goodies and sweets I have ever had! Thank you Kathy for such good business!

Allison Goins

Kathy’s Bakery made our wedding cakes for our wedding last July. They were the best looking cakes ever and tasted great! Very happy with them! We actually just ate the cake 2 weeks ago because we froze it and had to eat it together for our one year anniversary; and it still tasted great! haha :)

Ashley Burross

The sweetest ladies make the sweetest cookies, pies, and cakes. And it takes real angels to make those heavenly angel bites.

Keith Terrell

NEVER get a cake anywhere else if you can help it!

Jo Lynn Miller

Love the angel bites and other yummy flavors of cake balls! Kathy and her staff are amazing.

Sam Hatfield

When I need a cake there is no other place to go but Kathy’s. She did my daughters wedding and now she’s doing my Grand Children’s Birthdays. Thanks for being Kathy!

Martha Marshall